The Goodman Celebrating 25 Years!


This year The George Goodman League is celebrating 25 YEARS of playing in Barry Farms S. E. DC.  The Barry Farms dwellings may not be there anymore but the memories will last for decades.  Many historic games have happened at the Goodman League.  Having teams to come from all over the country to play in historic games.  From AND1, BALL UP, DYCKMAN, The DREW LEAGUE and many more have come into the gates to play epic games!  The many players through the years who have come into the gates to play and display their talents has been strong.  You have many notable names who have played inside da gates.  Some of those who have graced the Coliseum are Steve Francis, Ty Lawson, Mike Beasley, Kevin Durant, and Donte Green and MANY OTHERS!  In the 25 year history of the league there have been epic games, great players, and many memories and laughs.  The Master of all of this for the last 25 years has been Miles Rawls, the league commissioner.  He has brought major events to the gates such as RED BULL MIDNIGHT RUN, RED BULL KING OF THE ROCK and CAPITAL PUNISHMENT and many other events that have given many players an opportunity to play and make a name for themselves.  Miles has taken the Goodman League to new heights and made the Goodman League a awesome experience!   Fans appreciate Miles for all he has brought to the Goodman for 25 years.  Please enjoy and celebrate The Goodman League 25th Anniversary and appreciate the 25 years of History the fans young and old have enjoyed.  Fans as well as myself look forward to what Miles and the Goodman have in store for us in the next 25 years and beyond.

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